Stress is without a doubt a modern epidemic. Meeting a person who is not stressed in fact is quite the unexpected rarity! With all the ‘hats’ that we tend to wear these days combined with the pace, pressure and overstimulation of daily life, its no wonder really.

If any of these are familiar to you then we’re here to help – stress, worry, anxiety, fears, phobias, panic attacks, weight issues, obsessive compulsive disorders, addiction, pain, insomnia and depression.

Most of my clients are stretching themselves across so many areas –

  • Trying to advance, protect or find a new career
  • Relationship problems
  • Health challenges
  • Financial worries
  • Grief
  • Cultural or ethnic factors
  • Stage of life transitions – career, relationship, parenting, retirement
  • Unfulfilled expectations
  • Environmental issues
  • The pervasive intrusion, demands and distractions of technology
  • Caring for others who are dependent on you
  • International conflict

the list goes on…..

Here at The Modern Mind Clinic we use evidence based stress management techniques to co-create solutions to free you from suffering. Whilst so many of us suffer with similar struggles our approach is customized uniquely for you. As well as ‘in session’ stress management strategies we will provide you with your very own arsenal of stress management techniques to use as and when life throws you any challenges moving forward. So if you are ready to say goodbye to stress, worry and anxiety and want your life from here on to be one of empowered joy and freedom, then we’d love to work with you and make that happen.

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Stress Management Techniques

How can we help you?


Social Anxiety, Career, Health, Finances, Anxiety Attacks. Find out more…


Sleep insomnia, Chronic insomnia, Depression, Addictions, Accidents, Health or Learning Challenges. Find out more…

Relationship Issues

Self, Family, Romantic, Career, Parenting, Social, Community. Find out more…


Social Phobias/Panic Attacks, Fear of Public Speaking, Failure, Flying, Heights, Spiders, Other. Find out more...

Addictions / Dependencies

Alcohol/Drinking, Drugs, Smoking, Shopping/Spending, Sugar/Chocolate/Junk Food/Comfort Eating, Nail Biting, OCD, Cleaning, Gambling, Social Media/Partial Attention Syndrome (PAS – caused by ongoing connection to multiple technology/media inputs). Find out more… 

Weight Loss & Optimal Health

Habitual Eating/Comfort Eating, Sugar/Chocolate/Junk Food, Lifestyle factors, Exercise, Adequate Nutrition, Emotional Habits, Drinking & Smoking, Insomnia, Pain Relief, Disease Management. Find out more…


Quit procrastination, Time Management, Overcome PAS/Neural Addictions, Compartmentalisation skills, Concentration, Focus, Time Management, Learning/Study & Memory skills, Exam stress. 


New born baby, Raising Children, Childbirth, Post Natal Depression. Find out more…
New to Parenting.  Find out more…
Parenting workshops, Services, Advice. Find out more…  


Accelerate your results with a coach. Find out more…

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